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I perform cosmetics in Mystic on M/Tu/F and Wallingford on W/Th

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Treating and preventing age related facial wrinkles. These include but are not limited to forehead lines, crows feet, between the eyebrows, bridge of the nose,  chin...the list goes one. There are many applications in which properly placed product can improve your overall profile without giving the appearance that you have "had work done".  My goal is to help you focus on improving problem areas to help you achieve a healthier refreshed and relaxed look without dramatically altering you appearance. The effects of these products are slow set in , often taking days to weeks and last 3-4 months depending on various factors. Most people will have movement return slowly over time which is why I encourage people to remain on a 3 month regimen. In an effort to provide the highest quality of care, with best results and affordability in mind, we have created a subscription program. 

The Aesthetic Medical Care program is a subscription plan that costs 100.00 a month with state sales tax of 6.35%. This plan allows the individual to lock in a 10.00 per unit price with a 30 unit maximum injection per every 3 month visit. Since many people can benefit with a smaller amount of dysport/botox its a good starting point or entry level for those women or men who are thrifty and unwilling to spend on themselves.  

At your first appointment we would determine where and how much product you would need. During your first visit we could identify the approximate costs to manage problem areas. 


Botox and Dysport